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Syed Baqar Imam Rizvi

FRAUD COMPANIES In DUBAI who are not paying to sellers, as follows:- 1- Green Belt Food Stuff 2- Diamond Empire General Trading 3- Vintage International F.Z.C. 4- Mohammad Mehdi General Trading 5- Onion Food Stuff Trading 6- Khushi Trading 7- Olwen International FZC 8- Red Fort Trading 9- Season Food Stuff Trading 10-Lassani Food Stuff Trading 11-Mahak Gulf Trading 12-Takbeer Trading 13-Floral Fruit Few more names are coming as their cases are in court for settlement. But above names are regular for nonpayments.


We had made 1x 40' FCL of bananas last November 2015 from the Philippines . And the same time 1x 40' FCL was made for Floral Fruit LLc. Both shipment was taken/cleared by Garden International Fruit Trading. Only then I found out these companies are related. I've come across to this article also: "The group owns 5 companies including Greenbelt Food stuffs, Green Belt Star International Malabar Trading Company, India, Floral Fruit, Fresh Fruit Trading, Garden International Fruit Trading in the UAE" I been chasing my contacts from respective companies for payment but they have numerous alibis not to pay. Our company was just starting-up & very small which had literally collapsed & shut down after those shipments. I was pregnant that time, very emotional, was so stressed and depressed. My pregnancy was delicate and prone to bleeding so I stop chasing them but planned to get back to them once I'm emotionally stable & strong. Last December 2016, started calling my contacts but they are no longer reachable. I went to Floral Fruit Office in Al Aweer, it is already closed. I've visited Ceve Investment office at Al Maktoum as well, one person is there who gave me the PRO number. But, right now I wanted to meet & talk to the owner. Any chance to get his number contacts & details? I'm still hopeful that we will get our payment.


We are a Canadian company who three month's ago sold them 3 FCL's chicken on open terms as we had credit insurance on both Green Belt Group of Companies and Green Belt Star International. I had a meeting with them in Dubai at their partners office CEVE Investments LLC in early December 2016. When I arrived there was not one employee and probably 30 desks. At this point I realized it was fraud though I did not let one. I had a meeting with a young Indian lady who did not have a business card so I was sure to take her picture and that of the office. Over the last 6 weeks we have been collecting substantial information as to the fraud structure and personal address and identities of though's involved. Our insurance company which is one of the largest in the world is taking criminal action against the directors of all three companies. We are also a large company so whatever funds it takes to put then in jail no problem for us. To though's who are still dealing with them perhaps re-think this as they will be in jail soon and you can be sure any shipments consigned to any of their companies will be seized. In the next few days check out their credit ratings. For the companies that lost money keep in touch as the assets of these companies especially CEVE Investments will be seized and there maybe a chance to get back your funds.


hello dad also sent to GREEN BELT STAR INTERNATIONAL LLC, 5 containers of coconut ..we did export for first time, they told us to send send goods and 50% money at Sight & 50% DA acceptance for 14 days from the date of B/L. in 2012..till today not even single money we received...after this loss in business till today we are not able to get back our old position, we are struggling lot because of them for 4 years...i pray to god to give them a better punishment

Moorthy Loganathan

We M/s. Duriyam International a Merchant exporter based in India exporting agro products to various countries. During the month of January 2014 we have sent one 20’ FCL container Rice shipment for a value of $11050.00 to M/s. Green Belt Start International LLC, Dubai on payment term of 50% DP@Sight & 50% DA acceptance for 14 days from the date of B/L. But the above referred company not collected shipping documents even after 10 days it reached their bank and after our frequent follow up call they collected shipping document by making 50% payment but the remaining 50% payment of $5525.00 has not been paid so far. This act of unfair trade practice is being done regularly by this company for many exporters and hence we request you to alert all exporters in India be aware while dealing with this buyer and do not post their trade enquiries in APEDA/FIEO or any other B2B portal so that exporters can avoid the risks. Also we request you to black list this company in India. Defaulted Company Name & Address M/S. GREEN BELT STAR INTERNATIONAL LLC CENTRAL FRUITS & VEGETABLES MARKET, SHOP NO.167, AL AWEER, DUBAI, P.O 22487 UAE.


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